DABS - Daily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland

The DABS is an official Swiss aeronautical publication and provides the current airspace status at the time of retrieval, as information source for VFR aviation and in accordance with the NOTAM publications. NOTAM affecting the whole Swiss territory of parts thereof such as MIL night flights are listed on the text side of the DABS only.

For detailed information always refer to NOTAM E.g. through our OneClick Briefing.

Contents of DABS: dangers, restrictions and changes of airspace within Swiss territory, including activations of TEMPO CTR and TMA and military firings above 250 m/AGL.

The DABS is provided with date/time stamp and version number and is available at 1300 LT for the following day. It is updated in accordance with the NOTAM publications.

Scale of DABS is 1:1'250'000 in format A4.

The DABS is published by skyguide AIM Services, section KOSIF (coordination office for firings and safety of air navigation).

DABS is not constantly updated in case of cancellations of airspace restrictions. Please contact the flight information service (FIC) or KOSIF telephone +41 44 813 31 10 for latest information.

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