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Category Ceiling   Visibility
Low Instrument Flight Rules
LIFR* (magenta sky symbol)
below 500 feet AGL and/or less than 1 mile
Instrument Flight Rules
IFR (red sky symbol)
500 to below 1,000 feet AGL and/or 1 mile to less than 3 miles
Marginal Visual Flight Rules
MVFR (blue sky symbol)
1,000 to 3,000 feet AGL and/or 3 to 5 miles
Visual Flight Rules
VFR+ (green sky symbol)
greater than 3,000 feet AGL and greater than 5 miles
*By definition, IFR is ceiling less than 1,000 feet AGL and/or visibility less than 3 miles while LIFR is a sub-category of IFR.
+By definition, VFR is ceiling greater than or equal to 3,000 feet AGL and visibility greater than or equal to 5 miles while MVFR is a sub-category of VFR.
Symbol Description
Cloud information not reported
Clear sky, reported by automated stations
Sky clear, reported by human observer
Few clouds, 1-2/8
Scattered clouds, 3-4/8
Broken clouds, 5-7/8
Overcast, 8/8 (i.e. full cloud coverage)
The sky is obscured which is the case when a METAR reports vertical visibility and no cloud information

Note: CAVOK and NSC are mapped to SKC (sky clear).